Multicast addresses

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Working groups: mboned, MBONE Deployment.
Links: IPv4 Multicast addresses.
IPv6 multicast addresses.

(224.0.0/24) Local Network Control Block
AddressDescriptionReferences address. RFC 1112 systems on this subnet. RFC 1112 routers on this subnet. DVMRP, Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol.RFC 1075 OSPF, Open Shortest Path First Routing Protocol (all routers).RFC 2328 OSPF, Open Shortest Path First Routing Protocol (designated routers).RFC 2328 ST, Internet Stream Protocol (routers).RFC 1190 ST, Internet Stream Protocol (hosts).RFC 1190 RIP, Routing Information Protocol version 2.RFC 1723, Enhanced IGRP.
IGRP, Interior Gateway Routing Protocol. DHCP server / relay agent.RFC 1884 PIM, Protocol Independent Multicast. CBT, Core Based Trees.RFC 2189 VRRP, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol.RFC 3768, RFC 5798 Systems. IGMP, Internet Group Management Protocol. 4973 MPP Hello. Control. Announcement.
- MC CH. 4286 Saratoga. 5498 Babel. RFC 6126
-, Multicast DNS. Multicast Name Resolution.RFC 4795 Teredo. Experiment.RFC 4727  

(224.0.1/24) Internetwork Control Block
AddressDescriptionReferences VMTP Managers.RFC 1045 NTP, Network Time Protocol. RFC 1119 Horizons - Aviator., Name Service Server. - Audio News Multicast. NIS+ Information Service. MTP, Multicast Transport Protocol. RFC 1301 private experiment. on MOSPF. SLP, Service Location Protocol. SLP, Service Location Protocol (Directory Agent Discovery). DCAP servers.RFC 2114 DCAP clients.RFC 2114 2730 DGPS Data Feed. SIP, Session Initiation Protocol (all servers). Multicast1. Multicast2. (One-way Trip Time). dRMON. CAPWAP, Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points.RFC 5415 ASAP, Aggregate Server Access Protocol. RFC 5352 RFC 6621

AddressDescriptionReferences event message. 

(239.255.255/24) Internetwork Control Block
AddressDescriptionReferences SSDP, Simple Service Discovery Protocol. SLP, Service Location Protocol. 

Link-local scope multicast addresses
These permanently assigned multicast addresses are valid over a specified scope value.

Link-local scope multicast addresses
FF02::0All nodes addresses.RFC 4291
FF02::1All routers addresses.RFC 4291
FF02::1:6Babel. RFC 6126

Site-local scope multicast addresses
FF05::0:2All Routers Address.RFC 4291
FF05::1:3All-dhcp-servers.RFC 3315

Variable scope multicast addresses
FF0x::0reservedRFC 4291
FF0x::133 ASAP, Aggregate Server Access Protocol. RFC 5352



[RFC 1112] Host Extensions for IP Multicasting.

[RFC 3918] Methodology for IP Multicast Benchmarking.

[RFC 5135] IP Multicast Requirements for a Network Address Translator (NAT) and a Network Address Port Translator (NAPT).

[RFC 5374] Multicast Extensions to the Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol.

[RFC 6034] Unicast-Prefix-Based IPv4 Multicast Addresses.

[RFC 6621] Simplified Multicast Forwarding.


Obsolete RFCs:

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