Mobility Header

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Protocol suite: TCP/IP.
Protocol type:Transport layer protocol.
IP protocol:135.
Working groups: mext, Mobility EXTensions for IPv6.
mip6, Mobility for IPv6.
mipshop, MIPv6 Signaling and Handoff Optimization.

IANA: Mobile IPv6 parameters.

An extension header used by mobile nodes, correspondent nodes and home agents in all messaging related to the creation and management of bindings.

The length of the Mobility Header MUST be a multiple of 8 bytes.

MAC header IPv6 header Mobility Header header Data :::

Mobility Header header:

0001020304050607 0809101112131415 1617181920212223 2425262728293031
Next Header Length Type reserved
Checksum Data :::

Next Header. 8 bits.
Identifies the protocol following this header. This field is intended to be used by a future extension. Currently, this field SHOULD be set to 59 (IPPROTO_NONE).

Length. 8 bits, unsigned.
Size of the header in units of 8 bytes excluding the first 8 bytes.

Type. 8 bits.
Mobility message. An unrecognized value will cause an error indication to be sent.

0BRR, Binding Refresh Request. RFC 3775
1HoTI, Home Test Init. RFC 3775
2CoTI, Care-of Test Init. RFC 3775
3HoT, Home Test. RFC 3775
4CoT, Care-of Test. RFC 3775
5BU, Binding Update. RFC 3775, RFC 4140
6Binding Acknowledgement. RFC 3775
7BE, Binding Error. RFC 3775
8Fast Binding Update. RFC 4068
9Fast Binding Acknowledgment. RFC 4068
10Fast Neighbor Advertisement. RFC 4068
11Experimental Mobility Header.RFC 5096
12Home Agent Switch Message. RFC 5142
13Heartbeat Message. RFC 5847
14Handover Initiate. RFC 5568
15Handover Acknowledge. RFC 5568
16Binding Revocation Message.RFC 5846

reserved. 8 bits.
MUST be cleared to zero by the sender and be ignored by the receiver.

Checksum. 16 bits.
The 16 bit one's complement checksum of the Mobility Header. This field is calculated from the byte string consisting of a pseudo-header followed by the entire Mobility Header starting with the Next Header. The pseudo-header contains IPv6 header fields. The Next Header value used in the pseudo-header is 2. The addresses used in the pseudo-header are the addresses that appear in the Source and Destination Address fields in the IPv6 packet carrying the Mobility Header.

Data. Variable length.

Option header:

When processing a Mobility Header containing an option for which the Option type is not recognized by the receiver, the receiver MUST quietly ignore and skip over the option, correctly handling any remaining options in the message.

0001020304050607 0809101112131415 1617181920212223 2425262728293031
Option type Option length Option data :::

Option type. 8 bits.
The mobility option to process.

01Pad1. RFC 3775
1variablePadN. RFC 3775
22Binding Refresh Advice. RFC 3775
316Alternate Care-of Address. RFC 3775
44Nonce Indices. RFC 3775
5variableBinding Authorization Data. RFC 3775
618Mobile Network Prefix. RFC 3963
7variableMobility Header Link-Layer Address. RFC 4068
8variableMobile Node Identifier. RFC 4283
9variableMobility Message Authentication. RFC 4285
10variableMobility Message Replay Protection. RFC 4285
110CGA Parameters Request. RFC 4866
12variableCGA Parameters. RFC 4866
13variableSignature. RFC 4866
14variablePermanent Home Keygen Token. RFC 4866
150Care-of Test Init. RFC 4866
168Care-of Test. RFC 4866
18 Experimental Mobility Option.RFC 5096
19 Vendor Specific Mobility Option.RFC 5094
20 Service Selection Mobility Option.RFC 5149
21variableBADF, Binding Authorization Data for FMIPv6. RFC 5268
2218Home Network Prefix. RFC 5213
232Handoff Indicator. RFC 5213
242Access Technology type. RFC 5213
25variableMobile Node Link-layer Identifier. RFC 5213
2616Link-local Address. RFC 5213
278Timestamp. RFC 5213
28 Restart Counter.RFC 5847
29 IPv4 Home Address.RFC 5555
30 IPv4 Address Acknowledgement.RFC 5555
31 NAT Detection.RFC 5555
32 IPv4 Care-of Address.RFC 5555
33 GRE Key Option. 
34 IPv6 Address/Prefix. RFC 5568
35 Binding Identifier.RFC 5648
36 IPv4 Home Address Request.RFC 5844
37 IPv4 Home Address Reply.RFC 5844
38 IPv4 Default Router Address.RFC 5844
39 IPv4 DHCP Support Mode.RFC 5844
40 Context Request Option.RFC 5949
41 Local Mobility Anchor Address Option. RFC 5949
42 Mobile Node Link-local Address Interface Identifier Option. RFC 5949
43 Transient Binding. 
44 Flow Summary Mobility Option. 
45 Flow Identification Mobility Option. 

Option length. 8 bits, unsigned.
The size of the Option data field in bytes.

Option data. Variable length.



[RFC 3775] Mobility Support in IPv6.

[RFC 3963] Network Mobility (NEMO) Basic Support Protocol.

[RFC 4225] Mobile IP Version 6 Route Optimization Security Design Background.

[RFC 4283] Mobile Node Identifier Option for Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6).

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[RFC 5568] Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers.


Obsolete RFCs:

[RFC 4068] Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6.

[RFC 4140] Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Mobility Management (HMIPv6).

[RFC 5268] Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers.

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