About the RFC Sourcebook


The RFC Sourcebook is a comprehensive guide to the Request for Comments (RFCs) series of documents published by the IETF.

This series was begun in 1969 to help coordinate the development efforts of the Internet community. The earliest Internet was the ARPANET, a pioneering network funded by ARPA. Now retired, it served as the basis for early networking research as well as a central backbone during the development of the Internet. It evolved into the world wide Internet as we know it today.

The RFCs are the publicly available documents of the Internet community distributed by IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. These documents contain the specifications and official standards for for the Internet. Over 6600 documents comprising more than 158,000 pages worth of information have been published.

The RFC Sourcebook project was begun in 1996 to organize the RFCs and to provide a convenient and comprehensive guide for these documents and the people who have written them. Our goal is to gather the data scattered throughout the documents and provide the relevant information in an easy to use format for professional programmers and engineers. The documents are organized numerically, by topic, by protocol and by author to provide an efficient cross-reference guide.

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