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Chair, aaa, Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. IETF working group, Operations and Management area. Concluded January 2007.

Chair, eap, Extensible Authentication Protocol. IETF working group, Internet area. Concluded June 2008.

Chair, MARTINI, Multiple AoR reachabiliTy InformatioN Indication. IETF working group, Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area. Concluded March 2011.

Chair, radext, RADIUS Extensions. IETF working group, Operations and Management area.


[RFC 2194] Review of Roaming Implementations.

[RFC 2477] Criteria for Evaluating Roaming Protocols.

[RFC 2486] The Network Access Identifier.

[RFC 2607] Proxy Chaining and Policy Implementation in Roaming.

[RFC 2618] RADIUS Authentication Client MIB.

[RFC 2619] RADIUS Authentication Server MIB.

[RFC 2620] RADIUS Accounting Client MIB.

[RFC 2621] RADIUS Accounting Server MIB.

[RFC 2716] PPP EAP TLS Authentication Protocol.

[RFC 2809] Implementation of L2TP Compulsory Tunneling via RADIUS.

[RFC 2867] RADIUS Accounting Modifications for Tunnel Protocol Support.

[RFC 2975] Introduction to Accounting Management.

[RFC 2989] Criteria for Evaluating AAA Protocols for Network Access.

[RFC 3162] RADIUS and IPv6.

[RFC 3193] Securing L2TP using IPsec.

[RFC 3397] Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Domain Search Option.

[RFC 3456] Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4) Configuration of IPsec Tunnel Mode.

[RFC 3539] Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Transport Profile.

[RFC 3575] IANA Considerations for RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service).

[RFC 3576] Dynamic Authorization Extensions to Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS).

[RFC 3579] RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) Support For Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).

[RFC 3580] IEEE 802.1X Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS) Usage Guidelines.

[RFC 3715] IPsec-Network Address Translation (NAT) Compatibility Requirements.

[RFC 3723] Securing Block Storage Protocols over IP.

[RFC 3748] Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).

[RFC 3927] Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Addresses.

[RFC 4017] Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Method Requirements for Wireless LANs.

[RFC 4282] The Network Access Identifier.

[RFC 4436] Detecting Network Attachment in IPv4 (DNAv4).

[RFC 4441] The IEEE 802/IETF Relationship.

[RFC 5218] What Makes for a Successful Protocol?

[RFC 5247] Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) Key Management Framework.

[RFC 6709] Design Considerations for Protocol Extensions.


RFCs Publications