Almquist, Philip

214 Cole Street, Suite 2
San Francisco, CA 94117-1916
Voice:+1 415 752 2427

RFC 1336:

Philip Almquist is an independent consultant based in San Francisco. He has worked on a variety of projects, but is perhaps best known as the network designer for INTEROP '88 and INTEROP '89.

His career began at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1980, where he worked on compilers and operating systems. His initial introduction to networking was analyzing crash dumps from TOPS-20 systems running beta test versions of DECNET. He later became involved in early planning for CMU's transition from DECNet to TCP/IP and for network-based software support for the hundreds of PC's that CMU was then planning to acquire.

Philip moved to Stanford University in 1983, where he played a key role in the evolution of Stanford's network from a small system built out of donated equipment by graduate students to today's production quality network which extends into virtually every corner of the University. As Stanford's first "hostmaster", he invented Stanford's distributed host registration system and led Stanford's deployment of the Domain Name System. He also did substantial work on the Stanford homebrew router software (now sold commercially by cisco Systems) and oversaw some early experiments in network management.

Also, while with Stanford, Philip was a primary contributor to BARRNet and its short-lived predecessor, the BayBridge Network. He brought up the first BARRNet link, and was heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of BARRNet for several years.

In 1988, Philip gave up his responsibilities for the Stanford network in order to start his consulting business. He remained with BARRNet on a part-time basis until October 1991, devoting himself to BARRNet planning and to chairing its technical oversight committee.

Philip has been an active participant in the IETF since about 1987, when he became a charter member of the IETF's Network Management Working Group. He is one of the authors of the Host Requirements specification, and served a brief term as chair of the Domain Name System Working Group.


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