Blanchet, Marc

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Viagenie, Inc.
2875 boul. Laurier, bureau 300
Sainte-Foy, QC G1V 2M2
Voice:+1 418 656 9254

Marc Blanchet is the architect and the implementer of the 6Tap Exchange Point, Normos, Freenet6 - the Tunnel Setup Protocol and other IPv6 initiatives. In his previous job at Viagénie, he was a consultant in network security for enterprises, government and providers. Mr. Blanchet has 20 years of experience in networking.

Mr. Blanchet co-founded the IPv6Forum, is a member of the board and technical directorate. He is also a member of the steering committee of the North American IPv6 task force. He was co-chair of the internationalized domain names (IDN) IETF working group and is co-chair of the IPv6 exchanges adhoc working group. Mr. Blanchet wrote several IETF drafts and RFC in both IPv6 and IDN fields. He authored the "Migrating to IPv6" book to be published by Wiley, 2004 and co-authored the Cisco IPv6 course. Mr. Blanchet received a master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Laval University.

Chair, idn, Internationalized Domain Name. IETF working group.

Chair, precis, Preparation and Comparison of Internationalized Strings. IETF working group, Applications area.

Chair, sunset4, sunset4. IETF working group, Internet area.

Chair, vcarddav, vCard and vCardDAV. IETF working group, Applications area.


[RFC 3454] Preparation of Internationalized Strings ("stringprep").

[RFC 3491] Nameprep: A Stringprep Profile for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).

[RFC 3531] A Flexible Method for Managing the Assignment of Bits of an IPv6 Address Block.


RFCs Publications