Carpenter, Brian E.

RFCs Publications

Department of Computer Science
University of Auckland
PB 92019
Auckland, 1142
New Zealand

Chair, diffserv, Differentiated Services. IETF working group. Concluded March 2003.

Chair, multi6, Site Multihoming in IPv6. IETF working group, Operations and Management Area.


[RFC 1671] IPng White Paper on Transition and Other Considerations.

[RFC 1888] OSI NSAPs and IPv6.

[RFC 1900] Renumbering Needs Work.

[RFC 1958] Architectural Principles of the Internet.

[RFC 1984] IAB and IESG Statement on Cryptographic Technology and the Internet.

[RFC 2101] IPv4 Address Behaviour Today.

[RFC 2529] Transmission of IPv6 over IPv4 Domains without Explicit Tunnels.

[RFC 2732] Format for Literal IPv6 Addresses in URL's.

[RFC 2768] Network Policy and Services: A Report of a Workshop on Middleware.

[RFC 2775] Internet Transparency.

[RFC 2836] Per Hop Behavior Identification Codes.

[RFC 2850] Charter of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

[RFC 2860] Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Technical Work of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

[RFC 3056] Connection of IPv6 Domains via IPv4 Clouds.

[RFC 3086] Definition of Differentiated Services Per Domain Behaviors and Rules for their Specification.

[RFC 3140] Per Hop Behavior Identification Codes.

[RFC 3234] Middleboxes: Taxonomy and Issues.

[RFC 3248] A Delay Bound alternative revision of RFC 2598.

[RFC 3697] IPv6 Flow Label Specification.

[RFC 3879] Deprecating Site Local Addresses.

[RFC 4048] RFC 1888 Is Obsolete.

[RFC 4371] BCP 101 Update for IPR Trust.

[RFC 4775] Procedures for Protocol Extensions and Variations.

[RFC 6709] Design Considerations for Protocol Extensions.


RFCs Publications