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[RFC 1821] Integration of Real-time Services in an IP-ATM Network Architecture.

[RFC 2105] Cisco Systems' Tag Switching Architecture Overview.

[RFC 2309] Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet.

[RFC 2688] Integrated Services Mappings for Low Speed Networks.

[RFC 2997] Specification of the Null Service Type.

[RFC 2998] A Framework for Integrated Services Operation over Diffserv Networks.

[RFC 3006] Integrated Services in the Presence of Compressible Flows.

[RFC 3035] MPLS using LDP and ATM VC Switching.

[RFC 3175] Aggregation of RSVP for IPv4 and IPv6 Reservations.

[RFC 3246] An Expedited Forwarding PHB (Per-Hop Behavior).

[RFC 3270] Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Support of Differentiated Services.

[RFC 6016] Support for the Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) in Layer 3 VPNs.


Davie, Bruce; Farinacci, Dino; Katz, Dave; Rekhter, Yakov; Rosen, Eric C.; Swallow, George.
Tag Switching Architecture Overview.
December 1997. Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 85, No. 12.

RFCs Publications