Guttman, Erik

RFCs Publications

Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Eichhoelzelstr. 7
74915 Waibstadt, Germany

Chair, svrloc, Service Location Protocol. IETF working group.

Chair, zeroconf, Zero Configuration Networking. IETF working group, Internet area. Concluded September 2004.


[RFC 2165] Service Location Protocol.

[RFC 2350] Expectations for Computer Security Incident Response.

[RFC 2504] Users' Security Handbook.

[RFC 2608] Service Location Protocol, Version 2.

[RFC 2609] Service Templates and Service: Schemes.

[RFC 2610] DHCP Options for Service Location Protocol.

[RFC 2614] An API for Service Location.

[RFC 3059] Attribute List Extension for the Service Location Protocol.

[RFC 3111] Service Location Protocol Modifications for IPv6.

[RFC 3224] Vendor Extensions for Service Location Protocol, Version 2.

[RFC 3421] Select and Sort Extensions for the Service Location Protocol (SLP).

[RFC 3588] Diameter Base Protocol.

[RFC 3832] Remote Service Discovery in the Service Location Protocol (SLP) via DNS SRV.

[RFC 3927] Dynamic Configuration of IPv4 Link-Local Addresses.

[RFC 5355] Threats Introduced by Reliable Server Pooling (RSerPool) and Requirements for Security in Response to Threats.


RFCs Publications