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RFCs Publications

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Chair, idr, Inter-Domain Routing. IETF working group, Routing area.

Chair, ipidrp, OSI IDRP for IP Over IP. IETF working group, Routing area. Concluded August 1994.

Chair, noop, Network OSI Operations. IETF working group, Operational Requirements area. Concluded April 1994.


[RFC 1136] Administrative Domains and Routing Domains A Model for Routing in the Internet.

[RFC 1574] Essential Tools for the OSI Internet.

[RFC 1575] An Echo Function for CLNP (ISO 8473).

[RFC 1745] BGP4/IDRP for IP---OSPF Interaction.

[RFC 2902] Overview of the 1998 IAB Routing Workshop.

[RFC 4098] Terminology for Benchmarking BGP Device Convergence in the Control Plane.

[RFC 4271] A Border Gateway Protocol 4 (BGP-4).

[RFC 4273] Definitions of Managed Objects for BGP-4.

[RFC 4275] BGP-4 MIB Implementation Survey.

[RFC 4276] BGP-4 Implementation Report.

[RFC 5412] Lightweight Access Point Protocol.


RFCs Publications