Hobby, Russ

University of California, Davis
Computing Services
Surge II Room 1400
Davis, CA 95616
Voice:+1 916 752 0236
Email: rdhobby@ucdavis.edu

RFC 1336:

Russ Hobby received B.S. in Chemistry (1975) and M.S. in Computing Sciences (1981) from the University of California, Davis where he currently works as Director of Advanced Network Applications in Network Technology. He also represents UC Davis as a founding member in the Bay Area Regional Research Network (BARRNet). He formed and now chairs the California Internet Federation, a forum for coordinating educational and research networks in California. In addition he is Area Director for Applications in the Internet Engineering Task Force and a member of the Internet Engineering Steering Group.

Russ is responsible for all aspects of campus networking including network design, implementation, and operation. UC Davis has also been instrumental in the development of new network protocols and their prototype implementations, in particular, the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). UC Davis has been very active in the use of networking for students from kindergarten through community colleges and has had the Davis High School on the Internet since 1989. In conjunction with the City of Davis, UC Davis is planning a community network using ISDN to bring networking into the residences in Davis for university network connection, high school and library resource access, telecommuting, and electronic democracy.

Chair, ppp, Point-to-Point Protocol. IETF working group.


[RFC 1172] The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) Initial Configuration Options.

[RFC 1287] Towards the Future Internet Architecture.

[RFC 1430] A Strategic Plan for Deploying an Internet X.500 Directory Service.