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RFC 1336:

Christian Huitema has conducted for several years research in network protocols and network applications. He is now at INRIA in Sophia-Antipolis, where he leads the research project "RODEO", whose objective is the definition and the experimentation of communication protocols for very high speed networks, at one Gbit/s or more. This includes the study of high speed transmission control protocols, of their parameterization and of their insertion in the operating systems, and the study of the synchronization functions and of the management of data transparency between heterogeneous systems. The work is conducted in cooperation with industrial partners and takes into account the evolution of the communication standards. Previously, he took part to the NADIR project, investigating computer usage of telecommunication satellites, and to OSI developments in the GIPSI project for the SM90 work station, including one of the earliest X.400 systems, and to the ESPRIT project THORN, which is provide one of the first X.500 conformant directory system.

Christian Huitema graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris in 1975, and passed his doctorate in the University of Paris VI in 1985.


[RFC 1383] An Experiment in DNS Based IP Routing.

[RFC 1438] Internet Engineering Task Force Statements Of Boredom (SOBs).

[RFC 1481] IAB Recommendation for an Intermediate Strategy to Address the Issue of Scaling.

[RFC 1601] Charter of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

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[RFC 3015] Megaco Protocol Version 1.0.

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RFCs Publications