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RFC 1336:

Erik Huizer graduated from Delft University of Technology with a MSc. in Material Science in 1983. He spent the next four years in the same university building a computerised creep measurement system for metallic glasses, including a small local network for datatransport to a dataprocessing system. After getting his PhD, he refused military service on grounds of consience (possible under Dutch law). He was then charged with doing instead 18 months of civil service in the computing center of the Ministry of Transport, department of Building and Roads. In these 18 months he became project manager charged with implementing a Videotex system. He was also charged with investigating TCP/IP as a possible LAN protocol and X.400 as a possible E-mail protocol. In 1988, he was discharged and started to work for SURFnet BV (the not-for-profit company that runs SURFnet), the Dutch academic and research network. At SURFnet he is the main person responsible for development of the network. Among the things he worked on are: introducing TCP/IP and associated protocols into SURFnet, the connection of SURFnet to the Internet, introduction of a X.400 MHS infrastructure and a X.500 Directory Services pilot. He has been active in RARE WG1 on Message Handling Services from 1988 to 1992. Also, in 1988 he joined the RARE WG3 on Directory Services and User Support and Information Services, which he chaired from 1990 to 1992. He has been one of the initiators of the new RARE WG structure that was installed in May 1992, and that is now managed by the Rare Technical Committee, of which he is a member. He joined the IESG in November 1991 as area co-director of the OSI Integration area. He is married and lives with his wife in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Chair, 2000, The Internet and the Millennium Problem. IETF working group. Concluded January 2000.

Chair, poised95, Poised 95. IETF working group.


[RFC 1430] A Strategic Plan for Deploying an Internet X.500 Directory Service.

[RFC 1603] IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures.

[RFC 1616] X.400(1988) for the Academic and Research Community in Europe A report by the RARE Task Force on X.400(1988) of the RARE Working Group on Mail & Messaging.

[RFC 1820] Multimedia E-mail (MIME) User Agent Checklist.

[RFC 1844] Multimedia E-mail (MIME) User Agent checklist.

[RFC 2031] IETF-ISOC relationship.


RFCs Publications