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Chair, ecm, Endpoint Congestion Management. IETF working group, Transport area. Concluded June 2001.

Chair, tcpimpl, TCP Implementation. IETF working group, Transport area. Concluded October 2000.

Chair, IRTF, Internet Research Task Force.


[RFC 2330] Framework for IP Performance Metrics.

[RFC 2357] IETF Criteria for Evaluating Reliable Multicast Transport and Application Protocols.

[RFC 2498] IPPM Metrics for Measuring Connectivity.

[RFC 2525] Known TCP Implementation Problems.

[RFC 2581] TCP Congestion Control.

[RFC 2678] IPPM Metrics for Measuring Connectivity.

[RFC 2780] IANA Allocation Guidelines For Values In the Internet Protocol and Related Headers.

[RFC 2873] TCP Processing of the IPv4 Precedence Field.

[RFC 2960] Stream Control Transmission Protocol.

[RFC 2988] Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer.

[RFC 4440] IAB Thoughts on the Role of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF).


Paxson, Vern.
Automated Packet Trace Analysis of TCP Implementations.
September 1997. ACM SIGCOMM.

Allman, Mark; Paxson, Vern.
On Estimating End-to-End Network Path Properties.
1999. Proc. SIGCOMM'99.

Paxson, Vern.
An analysis of using reflectors for distributed denial of service attacks.
July 2001. Computer Communication Review, ACM SIGCOMM, Volume 31, Number 3, pages 38 - 47.

Bellovin, Steven M.; Floyd, Sally; Ioannidis, John; Mahajan, Ratul; Paxson, Vern; Shenker, Scott.
Controlling High Bandwidth Aggregates in the Network.
July 2002. ACM Computer Communications Review, Vol. 32, No. 3.

Allman, Mark; Lee, J.; Pang, R.; Paxson, Vern,
The Devil and Packet Trace Anonymization.
January 2006. Computer Communication Review 36(1).

RFCs Publications