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Chair, tsvwg, Transport Area Working Group. IETF working group, Transport area.


[RFC 3523] Internet Emergency Preparedness (IEPREP) Telephony Topology Terminology.

[RFC 3693] Geopriv Requirements.

[RFC 3825] Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Option for Coordinate-based Location Configuration Information.

[RFC 4411] Extending the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Reason Header for Preemption Events.

[RFC 4412] Communications Resource Priority for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

[RFC 4484] Trait-Based Authorization Requirements for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

[RFC 4495] A Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) Extension for the Reduction of Bandwidth of a Reservation Flow.

[RFC 4542] Implementing an Emergency Telecommunications Service (ETS) for Real-Time Services in the Internet Protocol Suite.

[RFC 5223] Discovering Location-to-Service Translation (LoST) Servers Using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

[RFC 5432] Quality of Service (QoS) Mechanism Selection in the Session Description Protocol (SDP).


RFCs Publications