Poppitt, Alan

Rm 261/57 Callisto House (B81)
Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath
Ipswich. Suffolk, IP5 3RE
Voice: 01473 640889
Fax: 01473 646291
Email: alan.poppitt@bt.com
Web: http://www.poppitt.co.uk

Alan has worked in distributed systems since 1987, he has been working on the WWW since late 1993, and was responsible for the first live credit card enabled site in the UK (at least according to the banks involved in the project) which was live in 1996.  Although it was only a trial site the core concepts this site demonstrated are still the basis of current on-line stores.  Since then Alan has spent time working on reliable multicast and self configuring systems.  Today Alan is working as an E-Commerce Specialist within BT Openworld.


[RFC 2729] Taxonomy of Communication Requirements for Large-scale Multicast Applications.