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Chair, applmib, Application MIB. IETF working group, Applications area. Concluded July 1999.

Chair, decnetiv, DECnet Phase IV MIB. IETF working group.

Chair, snmpconf, Configuration Management with SNMP. IETF working group.


[RFC 1289] DECnet Phase IV MIB Extensions.

[RFC 1559] DECnet Phase IV MIB Extensions.

[RFC 1611] DNS Server MIB Extensions.

[RFC 1612] DNS Resolver MIB Extensions.

[RFC 2287] Definitions of System-Level Managed Objects for Applications.

[RFC 2564] Application Management MIB.

[RFC 3139] Requirements for Configuration Management of IP-based Networks.

[RFC 3512] Configuring Networks and Devices with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

[RFC 4011] Policy Based Management MIB.


RFCs Publications