Stockman, Bernhard

Royal Institute of Technology
Drottning Kristinas Vag 37B
S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
Voice:+46 8 790 6519
Fax: +46 8 241 179

RFC 1336:

Bernhard Stockman graduated as Master of Science in Electric Engineering and Computer Systems from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden 1986. After a couple of years as a researcher in distributed computer systems he was 1989 employed by the NORDUNET and SUNET Network Operation Centre where he is responisble for network monitoring and traffic measurement.

Bernhard Stockman is mainly involved in international cooperative efforts. He chairs the RIPE Task Force on Network Monitoring and Statistics. He chairs the European European Engineering and Planning Group (EEPG) and is by this also co-chair in the Intercontinental Engineering and PlanningGroup (IEPG). He chairs the IETF Operations Area and is hence the first non-US member of the IESG. He is also co-charing the Operations Requirements Area Directorate (ORAD).

Bernhard Stockman is currently also involved in the specification and implementation of a pan-European multiprotocol backbone. He is charing the group responsibel for the technical design of the European Backbone (EBONE) infrastructure.

Chair, poised95, Poised 95. IETF working group.


[RFC 1404] A Model for Common Operational Statistics.