FZA, PPP Gandalf FZA Data Compression Protocol

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Protocol suite: PPP.
Type:PPP compression protocol.
CCP option:19.
Working groups: pppext, Point-to-Point Protocol Extensions.

FZA provides an algorithm for compressing PPP encapsulated packets. It is a high performance LZ derivative that maximizes compression at the expense of memory and CPU. Compression performance can be adjusted based on CPU and memory available.

Multiple PPP packets can be combined in a single compressed frame, or a single PPP packet can be spread across multiple frames.

Source and object licenses are available on a non-discriminatory basis for either a royalty or fixed price arrangement. Patent indemnity is included with the license.

RFC 1993:

Before any FZA packets may be communicated, PPP must reach the Network-Layer Protocol phase.

When the Compression Control Protocol (CCP) has reached the Opened state, and FZA is negotiated as the primary compression algorithm, the PPP Protocol field indicates type hex 00FB (link compressed datagram), or type hex 00FD (compressed datagram).

The maximum length of the FZA datagram transmitted over a PPP link is the same as the maximum length of the Information field of a PPP encapsulated packet

Packet format:


Lempel and Ziv.


[RFC 1993] PPP Gandalf FZA Compression Protocol.

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