MRCP, Media Resource Control Protocol

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Protocol suite: TCP/IP.
Protocol type:Application layer protocol.
MIME subtype:application/mrcp.
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RFC 4463:

MRCP is designed to provide a mechanism for a client device requiring audio/video stream processing to control processing resources on the network. These media processing resources may be speech recognizers (a.k.a. Automatic- Speech-Recognition (ASR) engines), speech synthesizers (a.k.a. Text- To-Speech (TTS) engines), fax, signal detectors, etc. MRCP allows implementation of distributed Interactive Voice Response platforms, for example VoiceXML interpreters. The MRCP protocol defines the requests, responses, and events needed to control the media processing resources. The MRCP protocol defines the state machine for each resource and the required state transitions for each request and server-generated event.

The MRCP protocol does not address how the control session is established with the server and relies on the Real Time Streaming Protocol to establish and maintain the session. The session control protocol is also responsible for establishing the media connection from the client to the network server. The MRCP protocol and its messaging is designed to be carried over RTSP or another protocol as a MIME-type similar to the Session Description Protocol.

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[RFC 4463] A Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) Developed by Cisco, Nuance, and Speechworks.


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