WAP, Wireless Applications Protocol

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Protocol suite:
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RFC 2636:

A set of network and application protocols including a datagram protocol (WDP), Transport Layer Security (WTLS), Transaction Protocol (WTP), Session Protocol (WSP), and Application Environment (WAE), which use carrier-based gateways to enable wireless devices to access Web resources.

RFC 2757:

WAP specifies an application framework and network protocols for wireless devices such as mobile telephones, pagers, and PDAs. The architecture requires a proxy between the mobile device and the server. The WAP protocol stack is layered over a datagram transport service. Such a service is provided by most wireless networks; for example, IS-136, GSM SMS/USSD, and UDP in IP networks like CDPD and GSM GPRS. The core of the WAP protocols is a binary HTTP/1.1 protocol with additional features such as header caching between requests and a shared state between client and server.

Packet format:



[RFC 2757] Long Thin Networks.

[RFC 3135] Performance Enhancing Proxies Intended to Mitigate Link-Related Degradations.

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