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[RFC 1300] Remembrances of Things Past.

[RFC 1301] Multicast Transport Protocol.

[RFC 1302] Building a Network Information Services Infrastructure.

[RFC 1303] A Convention for Describing SNMP-based Agents.

[RFC 1304] Definitions of Managed Objects for the SIP Interface Type.

[RFC 1305] Network Time Protocol (Version 3) Specification, Implementation and Analysis.

[RFC 1306] Experiences Supporting By-Request Circuit-Switched T3 Networks.

[RFC 1307] Dynamically Switched Link Control Protocol.

[RFC 1308] Executive Introduction to Directory Services Using the X.500 Protocol.

[RFC 1309] Technical Overview of Directory Services Using the X.500 Protocol.

[RFC 1310] The Internet Standards Process.

[RFC 1311] Introduction to the STD Notes.

[RFC 1312] Message Send Protocol 2.

[RFC 1313] Today's Programming for KRFC AM 1313 Internet Talk Radio.

[RFC 1314] A File Format for the Exchange of Images in the Internet.

[RFC 1315] Management Information Base for Frame Relay DTEs.

[RFC 1316] Definitions of Managed Objects for Character Stream Devices.

[RFC 1317] Definitions of Managed Objects for RS-232-like Hardware Devices.

[RFC 1318] Definitions of Managed Objects for Parallel-printer-like Hardware Devices.

[RFC 1319] The MD2 Message-Digest Algorithm.

[RFC 1320] The MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm.

[RFC 1321] The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm.

[RFC 1322] A Unified Approach to Inter-Domain Routing.

[RFC 1323] TCP Extensions for High Performance.

[RFC 1324] A Discussion on Computer Network Conferencing.

[RFC 1325] FYI on Questions and Answers Answers to Commonly asked "New Internet User" Questions.

[RFC 1326] Mutual Encapsulation Considered Dangerous.

[RFC 1327] Mapping between X.400(1988) / ISO 10021 and RFC 822.

[RFC 1328] X.400 1988 to 1984 downgrading.

[RFC 1329] Thoughts on Address Resolution for Dual MAC FDDI Networks.

[RFC 1330] Recommendations for the Phase I Deployment of OSI Directory Services (X.500) and OSI Message Handling Services (X.400) within the ESnet Community.

[RFC 1331] The Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) for the Transmission of Multi-protocol Datagrams over Point-to-Point Links.

[RFC 1332] The PPP Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP).

[RFC 1333] PPP Link Quality Monitoring.

[RFC 1334] PPP Authentication Protocols.

[RFC 1335] A Two-Tier Address Structure for the Internet: A Solution to the Problem of Address Space Exhaustion.

[RFC 1336] Who's Who in the Internet Biographies of IAB, IESG and IRSG Members.

[RFC 1337] TIME-WAIT Assassination Hazards in TCP.

[RFC 1338] Supernetting: an Address Assignment and Aggregation Strategy.

[RFC 1339] Remote Mail Checking Protocol.


[RFC 1341] MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions): Mechanisms for Specifying and Describing the Format of Internet Message Bodies.

[RFC 1342] Representation of Non-ASCII Text in Internet Message Headers.

[RFC 1343] A User Agent Configuration Mechanism For Multimedia Mail Format Information .

[RFC 1344] Implications of MIME for Internet Mail Gateways.

[RFC 1345] Character Mnemonics & Character Sets.

[RFC 1346] Resource Allocation, Control, and Accounting for the Use of Network Resources.

[RFC 1347] TCP and UDP with Bigger Addresses (TUBA), A Simple Proposal for Internet Addressing and Routing.

[RFC 1348] DNS NSAP RRs.

[RFC 1349] Type of Service in the Internet Protocol Suite.


[RFC 1351] SNMP Administrative Model.

[RFC 1352] SNMP Security Protocols.

[RFC 1353] Definitions of Managed Objects for Administration of SNMP Parties.

[RFC 1354] IP Forwarding Table MIB.

[RFC 1355] Privacy and Accuracy Issues in Network Information Center Databases.

[RFC 1356] Multiprotocol Interconnect on X.25 and ISDN in the Packet Mode.

[RFC 1357] A Format for E-mailing Bibliographic Records.

[RFC 1358] Charter of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

[RFC 1359] Connecting to the Internet What Connecting Institutions Should Anticipate.


[RFC 1361] Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP).

[RFC 1362] Novell IPX Over Various WAN Media (IPXWAN).

[RFC 1363] A Proposed Flow Specification.

[RFC 1364] BGP OSPF Interaction.

[RFC 1365] An IP Address Extension Proposal.

[RFC 1366] Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space.

[RFC 1367] Schedule for IP Address Space Management Guidelines.

[RFC 1368] Definitions of Managed Objects for IEEE 802.3 Repeater Devices.

[RFC 1369] Implementation Notes and Experience for The Internet Ethernet MIB.

[RFC 1370] Applicability Statement for OSPF.

[RFC 1371] Choosing a "Common IGP" for the IP Internet (The IESG's Recommendation to the IAB).

[RFC 1372] Telnet Remote Flow Control Option.


[RFC 1374] IP and ARP on HIPPI.

[RFC 1375] Suggestion for New Classes of IP Addresses.

[RFC 1376] The PPP DECnet Phase IV Control Protocol (DNCP).

[RFC 1377] The PPP OSI Network Layer Control Protocol (OSINLCP).

[RFC 1378] The PPP AppleTalk Control Protocol (ATCP).

[RFC 1379] Extending TCP for Transactions -- Concepts.

[RFC 1380] IESG Deliberations on Routing and Addressing.

[RFC 1381] SNMP MIB Extension for X.25 LAPB.

[RFC 1382] SNMP MIB Extension for the X.25 Packet Layer.

[RFC 1383] An Experiment in DNS Based IP Routing.

[RFC 1384] Naming Guidelines for Directory Pilots.

[RFC 1385] EIP: The Extended Internet Protocol A Framework for Maintaining Backward Compatibility.

[RFC 1386] The US Domain.

[RFC 1387] RIP Version 2 Protocol Analysis.

[RFC 1388] RIP Version 2 Carrying Additional Information.

[RFC 1389] RIP Version 2 MIB Extension.

[RFC 1390] Transmission of IP and ARP over FDDI Networks.

[RFC 1391] The Tao of IETF A Guide for New Attendees of the Internet Engineering Task Force.

[RFC 1392] Internet Users' Glossary.

[RFC 1393] Traceroute Using an IP Option.

[RFC 1394] Relationship of Telex Answerback Codes to Internet Domains.

[RFC 1395] BOOTP Vendor Information Extensions.

[RFC 1396] The Process for Organization of Internet Standards Working Group (POISED).

[RFC 1397] Default Route Advertisement In BGP2 And BGP3 Versions Of The Border Gateway Protocol.

[RFC 1398] Definitions of Managed Objects for the Ethernet-like Interface Types.

[RFC 1399] Request for Comments Summary RFC Numbers 1300-1399.

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